Meg’s Lil Travel Poem

Always With You.

Here’s a wee travel tale and some things I’ve learned,
It’s about the time I said, “Fuck it!” And my life was overturned.

It all began on a holiday in the sun,
When I met a boy who actually used the line, “What’s your poison?”

It was the summer of a hot July in 2011,
I was on a bonafide ‘manbatical’ ’til I was 27.

My goal was to be single and avoid men like the plague,
But I suppose my own guidelines were a tad vague.

He was a loud, arrogant American,
But there was something about those dimples; there was no comparison.

We had a great weekend, I assumed just a fling,
Especially since he was leaving and traveling until next spring.

We said goodbye in the hotel lobby,
I thought I’d never see him again, perhaps only a postcard from Abu Dhabi!

But there was something more, a strange connection,
Little did I know our life roads would cross again at another intersection.

Hundreds of e-mails, text messages, and Skype,
Our affection grew stronger with each word that was typed.

A rendez-vous in Italy, a ski trip in the mountains,
Then a seed was planted over a copious amount of Heinekens.

He was still traveling, I wanted an escape,
The idea and the plans began to formulate.

A joking remark turned into a life-altering decision,
Leaving behind family, friends, a home, and a full-time position.

I sold my belongings, disposed of a ton of shit,
It’s now or never baby, you have to commit.

Five months of planning, dreaming, and waiting,
All in sheer delight and nervously anticipating.

This is it, this is now, this is your last chance,
Escape worries and fears, get out of your trance.

I thought I’d jump on a plane and be free from mental blunder,
All my problems would fade the second I arrived down under.

On July 25th with a one-way ticket to Perth,
I was entering a new life, a Meg re-birth!

But after a week something didn’t feel right.
Was it me? Was it him? Was it the Vegemite?

You can travel for days, across thousands of miles,
In an attempt to evade life’s tribulations and trials.

Adjusted surroundings won’t fix the hot mess you have inside,
That shit stays with you and tags along for the ride.

So here’s some advice I discovered to be true,
There you are, always with you.

A vacation, another person, a changed mailing address,
Will only temporarily mask feelings you are trying to suppress.

Even though it was the more challenging journey,
It was time to bite the bullet and venture on a self-discovery.

Face it head on, wherever you are,
Whatever happens to the eyes, the heart doesn’t go far.

No one can help you, it has to be done alone.
You and a mirror in a full on combat zone.

And there you have my travel tale as it stands so far,
I ended up at an ashram… How fucking bizarre!

This trip is far different than I ever expected,
Creating time for me, myself, and I to get re-aquainted.

Think about the places you want to go or have already been.
The best place to travel is really within.

So that’s the big thing I want you to know too,
There you are, always with you.


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