Suppress the Repress

Fake smiles, hidden sneers,
Held back tears, smoke and mirrors.

Suck it up, tough it out, swallow your pride,
Take a deep breath and hold it all inside.

Speak when you are spoken to, use your “inside voice”, and
Tell those damn kids to stop making noise!

Unanswered questions, resentment, assumptions.
What the fuck happens to all those unexpressed emotions?

Say what you feel and mean what you say.
Stomp, scream, yell, shout, and don’t just walk away.

It’s not them, but you who is being sacrificed.
Stop being polite and so fucking nice!


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3 thoughts on “Suppress the Repress

  1. Meg-
    This is really good! Sometimes maybe when someone is very creative and bright like you, those repressed emotions get expressed like this in a poem, prose or art, and you do all three well.


    • Thank you! 🙂
      I think society has conditioned us to be such “nice little girls”. It’s not healthy to hold everything in! Fuck that!


      • Meg-
        You are right and you did it eloquently. I don’t think I was conditioned so much that way due to my mother who was not big on p’s and q’s. I did get some hassle for my “tongue” in elementary school though, except for my kindergarden teacher who was an old lady and loved it. Ran into her years later as an adult and she told me tales of my, err, somewhat colorful vocabulary. She loved it. Go figure.
        I liked your poem and your posts!


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