When Love Comes

Love has to steal into hearts here on earth.
It has to be sneaky and coy
Cloaking itself it plain clothes,
So that you are taken hostage without defenses.

It has to knock on your door as if it’s just the mailman
Bringing more junk for your entertainment
To toss away with a shake of the head.

But when you open that message that Love has sent
It begins to act on you without warning
Infecting your every cell
And changing your DNA.

It stuns you and leaves you wide-eyed.
It interferes with every plan you had
And it demands your full attention.
You find your feet off the ground then,
Your head feels light and at night when you are alone
You dream dreams you had put aside,
Those sweet innocent ones when you were just a child
And still fresh from God. You begin to remember.

When Love comes stealing into your heart
You need to surrender
And give up everything you have

Let go

Allow it’s light to burn your house down
And then you need to ride that wild horse
Wherever it will take you.

~ Kamila Agi-Mejias


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