L = t + h

Love = trust + honesty.

I learned something over the last several weeks. For me, I have found that it is impossible to fully love without trust. If you don’t trust another person, how can you love them? The same goes for ourselves – how can we expect to be fully loved if we are untrustworthy?

Even more important is trusting in ourselves – who we are, what we stand for, etc., as a means for obtaining complete self love and acceptance.

So how do we trust/become trustworthy to make room for love? To live in complete and utter honesty. I think so many of us hide who we really are because we are afraid of being vulnerable. I also think many of us live in secrecy without even knowing it. There is a tendency to say or do things that are not true to how we actually feel. Every single time we are dishonest to ourselves or to another person… We are losing sight of trust. When trust starts to fade, so does love.

There’s my simply math equation… Love, trust, and honesty are essentially one in the same. It’s not always easy to do… But I think we must live in complete honesty by being fully transparent to ourselves and those around us. We must trust ourselves to find self love. Living in complete honesty with trust is the only way to find true love in ourselves and in others.



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One thought on “L = t + h

  1. YWM on said:

    Well said! Not everyone learns this lesson or lives by it, but I know you have learned it and will live by it.


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