Top 10 Things I Will Miss About Australia

Here are the top 10 things I will miss the most (and least) about this land down under:

  1. The Beach. White sand, turquoise water, and not a person in sight!  The coastline is so vast and varied and every inch of it is incredible!
  2. Crazy Bird Calls.  There is nothing that makes you feel more like you are down under than the sound of  Kookaburras, galahs, and cockatoos.
  3. Adorable Wildlife.  Aside from pythons and massive spiders, the animals here are furry little bundles of joy and delight!  Wallabies, wombats, bandicoots, and koalas are all so CUTE !  I also get an abnormal amount of enjoyment every time I see a cute animal warning sign.
  4. Never Ending Skies.  Somehow the sky in Australia seems to stretch farther and reach higher than anywhere else.  Fluffy clouds as far as the eye can see against the brightest blue sky you’ve ever seen.  I also witnessed dozens of sunsets and sunrises over the ocean – the blasts of pink and orange across the horizon something I will never forget.
  5. Toilet Accessibly.  Yes – this goes in my top 10.  There are washroom facilities EVERYWHERE.  Small bladder?  No problem.  Plus, every toilet has either a half or full flush feature… how environmentally conscious!  Speaking of accessible establishments…
  6. Liquor Shops Everywhere. There is a bottle shop on every corner.  From the tiny hole in the wall quick-stop to the massive warehouse-sized drive-thru building; you will never worry about not being able to find a local booze merchant.
  7. Bike Paths & Parks.  As the weather is usually beautiful, there was always ample opportunity to take a stroll along a path next to the ocean or find a shady spot under a tree in a manicured park. 
  8. Coffee.  While Auz doesn’t hold the same reputation as Italian coffee or Parisian cafes, the coffee culture here is amazing!  Every (overly priced) latte I had was incredible!
  9. Aussie Slang.  Brekky (breakfast), avo (avocado), vego (vegetarian), bickies (Weetabix), sunnies (sunglasses), TA (thanks a lot or that is alright), mozzies, (mosquitos) utes (utility trucks), brolly (umbrella), footy (various forms of football), etc.  G’Day is also a fav!  Nothing is a better representation of Australians’ perma-casualness than their propensity to shorten words.
  10. The People.  A mix between a jolly Brit, a friendly American, and someone on an infomercial, Aussies are laid back, approachable, value family, and every single holiday or event wouldn’t be complete without copious amounts of beer and BBQ!

What I will miss the least:

  1. Prices!  $5 avocados, $12 pints, and $16 strawberries… seriously?  Food, alcohol, gas, clothes, accommodation, etc… everything is insanely expensive!
  2. Traffic circles.  Intended to smooth and ease the traffic, I have come to learn that at an intersection I prefer driving in a straight line and coming to a rolling stop  vs. the jarring curve of a traffic circle every 100m (that being said… these convenient bad boys are superb if you frequently miss turn-offs as I tend to).
  3. Tap Water. To me, the water tasted like a swimming pool.  Post-shower my skin was the Sahara desert and my hair has turned an odd shade of orange!
  4. Radio Stations.  Between the collection of 50’s throwbacks, continuously repeating Bruno Mars soundtracks, and up-and-coming Australian country bands… perusing through stations (at least in Perth) left much to be desired.
  5. Coin Currency.  These suckers are HUGE!  My wallet always seemed to weigh a hundred pounds due to the Australian change.

IMG_3601 DSC05598 IMG_1626 IMG_0279IMG_4363 Kangaroo Beach Echidna Crossing King's Park IMG_1181 Aussie Coin Currency IMG_4508


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