Do It Now!

“Do it now.”

This phrase has become a constant and unwanted term of expression in some of my most recent conversations.  If I hear it now, it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard.   When I’m on the topic of travelling, the parting quote is usually something along the lines of, “Do it now honey… do it now.”


I believe this statement says A LOT about our current culture and societal beliefs.  It’s like a warning to inform me to experience something before I can experience anything else.  It implies to ‘live it up’ while you’re young and before you have to settle into the prominent and expected normalcy of adulthood.  A symbolic clock – time is ticking, passing, and you better hurry up and do it before the second hand reaches the hour.

Do it now.

Do it before you have a mortgage?  Get it out of your system prior to having children?  Do it now because later will be unmanageable?  Travel until you realize you need to get serious about life and find an ordinary job and have a predictable life like the rest of us?

It is like an offering of wisdom or advice.  From the perspective of someone older and/or far more experienced… do it now before you get to (and you WILL eventually) the stage in your life where the mere thought of travelling abroad will be impractical, albeit impossible.

Why can’t we do it always!?

Do it Now


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