Japan Days – Kumano Kodo

June 25,

Hiked the Kumano Kodō Trail today.  The trail is a chain of ancient pilgrimage routes that meander across Japan and the earliest records of use date back to as early at the 10th century!  Crazy!  It was so amazing – it literally felt like you stepped back in time walking through the rice fields, gardens, past creepy wood-carved figures, and tiny villages… and the mountain trails were just beautiful.  This is plum country and people would leave little snack packs of plums for sale in wooden huts for hikers to grab along the way.  Everything is so green and peaceful!

IMG_4971 IMG_8433 IMG_5028

IMG_5022 IMG_5015 IMG_5006 IMG_5030 IMG_5010 IMG_5012 IMG_5008 IMG_5004 IMG_5002 IMG_4996 IMG_4993 IMG_4989 IMG_4987 IMG_4986 IMG_4977 IMG_4983

IMG_4982 IMG_4976

IMG_5062 IMG_5047IMG_8492 IMG_8479 IMG_4997 IMG_5064


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