Japan Days: Hiya!

July 3,

Today our amazing hosts dedicated the day to showing us a true and authentic Japanese experience.  And boy was it ever!  Manabu’s father was a trained woodcarver – so we spent the morning in his shop learning the art of plate woodcarving.  I, admittedly, suck at this trade.  However, it was cool to learn and see how difficult it really is!  We then when to a restaurant that was situated a few meters from the river.  We sat on varnished wood stumps and were treated like locals!  They ordered us fire-roasted fish and the fish was literally caught, popped onto a stick, roasted on an open fire, salted, put on your plate, and delivered hot to your table.  You can’t get much fresher than that!  It was awesome to see our hosts in their element as well.  After lunch, the couple took us to a rather ambiguous “training” facility where we sat and listened to a Karate Master attempt to ‘teach us the ways’ in full (and fast) Japanese.  It basically ended up being an ass-kicking session where the master busted out his expertise and slick moves on the poor boys.  I was giggling and taking pictures and made the mistake of wanting to know where the huge scar on his face was from.  He mistakenly took my query as, “I want to fight with the sweaty kung fu master!”  Of course I didn’t last one second as I was severely distracted by the beads of strange man’s sweat trickling onto my forearms.

IMG_5365 IMG_5367 IMG_5374

IMG_5383 IMG_5388 Lunch


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