Japan Days: ROBOT SHOW!!!

July 15,

It’s the last day here in Japan!!!! Gaaaaahhhhh!!!!  Heading back to Canada tomorrow!  So crazy!!!  I Can’t believe it’s already here!

Lazed around this morning, slept in, went for traditional one last Japanese breakfast, and started packing. Hit up Ueno area toy shop for some last minute gift shopping and then to our fav soup place one last time… Tear tear. Headed to Shinjuku that night for an event I have been eagerly anticipating… the ROBOT SHOW!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!  I have been waiting the entire trip my entire life to see this thing!  On the first time around in Tokyo, I was lured by the massive electronic brontosaurus and moonwalking robots outside of the building.  “What the heck it this!?”  “I have no idea… but I HAVE to see it!!!!”

Somehow I knew this would be one of the best decisions of my life.  Boy was it ever!  Omg… and it was AMAZING!!!  My stomach hurt so bad the next day from laughing so hard!  Japanese girls drumming in minimal clothing, lasers, colourful lights, sparkly everything, Kung fu panda, and a fucking ninja COW!!! AHHHHHHHH! What more could you ask for?! And now my life is complete.

Farewell Japan!!!

IMG_5882 IMG_5894 IMG_8983 IMG_8985 (1) IMG_8986 IMG_9015 (2) IMG_9022 IMG_9028 IMG_9032

IMG_9033 (2)


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