Travelling Doesn’t Mean You have to ‘Travel’

When I used to think of people who were serious ‘travellers’ – I imagined them hopping on and off trains, running down sidewalks with huge backpacks, and living in a constant state of map-in-hand to determine where the next destination will be.  I have learned that to travel, it doesn’t mean you have to be on the move.  I lived on an ashram for 4 months near Byron Bay, Australia.  While I basically stayed put for that period of time, I still consider that travelling.  1) The premise of travelling to new countries is to explore and experience different environments, people, culture, food, etc.  What better way to FULLY embrace this than actually live there for a period of time?  2) Settling somewhere outside of your home allows you to travel within.   You get to experience a self outside of what you are used to – in a new place doing and new things.  Aside from being able to save money by working for your food and accommodation, staying somewhere for a longer period of time offers the space to really learn about the location and learn about yourself.  I have recently realized that you don’t have to be jumping from place to place to consider yourself ‘travelling’.

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