Whangarei Falls & Tutukaka Area

The weather seems to be warming up!  Yay!  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m further up north or if spring is just around the corner… regardless – I’m LOVING it!  A couple of friends of mine were in the area and after an epic night of scrabble, we decided to check out ‘Tutukaka’ (a name that gets more and more enjoyable to say after a few glasses of wine)!  I was taking the dogs out for a walk the following day and we stumbled upon a rather odd looking lump on the sand.  Jack, being the uber friendly retriever that he is, decided to check it out.  GAH!  It moved and turned out to be a giant seal!  While I’m positive Jack would have lovingly greeted the seal, by the sound of the seal’s sudden throaty bellowing, I yelled at Jack to get the hell away from it!  I’m pretty sure those teeth gave the seal the advantage.  It was, however, amazing to see this beautiful mammal so close!

10255201_430480117092215_7780878663926517250_n 10443506_426549930818567_2425709277928405888_n 10494827_430479940425566_2803823199688436316_n 10500286_426550330818527_2535879033246676201_n 10485372_429178713889022_1953907019499454055_n 10500564_429178627222364_4473342601955238081_n 10514485_430480427092184_7663402058504904129_n 10526177_430479743758919_3923559744349595201_n

10563061_430479547092272_2772498915753025576_n 10435131_430479500425610_4798583598135528254_n 10485530_430479820425578_2624691527232179485_n 10448754_430479847092242_7374350818661621395_n 10462019_430479883758905_1617758453316649315_n 10534657_430479970425563_8104296010068038093_n 10553567_429176920555868_1658721811675624146_n 10557161_429178673889026_8186376790787636446_n


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2 thoughts on “Whangarei Falls & Tutukaka Area

  1. sorry your……


  2. I love you photos and we were here!!


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