The Give & Take of Travelling


“We Rise by Lifting Others” – Robert Ingersoll

Travelling is a journey for the SELF.

It is exploring new lands, experiencing novel things, and meeting diverse people as a means for enriching our own lives. We usually refer to this journey as “MY” trip. Travelling is a selfish act – how can I maximize this experience to obtain the utmost pleasure from it? How will travelling benefit me in the long run? What can I take away from being away?

I was organizing my stuff the other day and as I was rifling through old cards, letters, and notes people have written to me over the past few months, something dawned.

In a state of nostalgia, I began to remember the moments, conversations, experiences, laughs, and hugs shared with these individuals. I was reminded of what it was like to say goodbye and the look in their eyes – we both knew it would be the last time we would ever see each other.

It was in this reminiscing that I recognized not only had these individuals left significant impressions on me, but I too had left an imprint on THEIR lives. Whether we met at a hostel or spent months volunteering together, I was leaving a mark on their heart as well.

I suppose I was sort of viewing my travels from a first person perspective and forgetting that I have a the ability to make a difference in other people’s lives as well.

I helped others. I changed their perspectives. I was an ear that listened and offered advice. I shared my ideas, stories, and dreams. I let them into my world and they allowed me to enter into theirs.

It is an incredible feeling to know that your presence – whether brief or long term – can be incredibly powerful. I truly believe individuals come into our lives at specific points to teach us lessons. This means that we are also the teachers for others.

So yes… travelling is for you.

BUT don’t forget that your presence, smile, crazy laugh, hug, storytelling style, conversation, perspective, thoughtfulness, or whatever, has the ability to change someone else’s life forever!


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2 thoughts on “The Give & Take of Travelling

  1. Dean McKenzie on said:

    How can one person be SO blessed to have you as his daughter! You’ve touched many hearts today and you’re not even here.

    Keep learning, keep loving and keep laughing!

    MUCH Love,



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